YUTORI CLASS, custom home using Kagoshima timber, wins Good Design Award

PUBLISHED Oct 17, 2023

Model House of YUTORI CLASS

On October 5, YUTORI CLASS, a custom home using timber from Kagoshima Prefecture, received the “Good Design Award 2023,” hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

YUTORI CLASS is a housing product sold by Kagoshima-based house builder Yamasa House. It is the flagship model of the company, featuring a unique construction method using locally sourced 100% cedar structural materials. This method allows for the creation of a “large box” with a maximum length of 6 meters 37 centimeters, providing a high degree of flexibility for adapting the layout to match family compositions and lifestyles. As Kasumi Wakamatsu, responsible for public relations, stated, “We also propose creating spatial layouts that change the height and wall configurations, creating a three-dimensional layout, such as a mezzanine floor, where you can feel the presence of your family.”

The award recognized the design’s ability to easily accommodate future changes, as well as the integrated system of local operations, from forestry to wood processing, and the establishment of a carpentry training company to ensure the continuation of technical skills.

Wakamatsu added, “With this award as a catalyst, we want to continue supporting the people living in Kagoshima to live comfortably and peacefully.”

  • Example of Spatial Layout

  • Example of Spatial Layout