Stained glass artist Chihiro Tanaka’s solo exhibition ‘We are the Stars of the Universe’ held in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Jan 23, 2023

The exhibition “We are Stars of the Universe (私たちは宇宙の星)”

Marginal Gallery on the seventh floor of Maruya Gardens is currently holding “We are Stars of the Universe (Japanese title: 私たちは宇宙の星),” a solo exhibition by Chihiro Tanaka, a stained glass artist in Kagoshima City.

In addition to crafts such as lamps and accessories, Tanaka has been expanding her work to include stained glass as a contemporary art form. The exhibition features approximately 100 pieces, including framed stained glass artworks, hanging lamps, and ornamental hangings.

Tanaka says she has been experimenting recently to “introduce art that brings a sense of togetherness among a large number of people.” In a previous show at the Kirishima Open Air Museum, she covered the entire lawn of the outdoor space with “lucky clovers” made of stained glass. For the current exhibition, Tanaka also utilized the entire exhibition area under the concept of “Stars of the Universe.” Twelve framed artworks were displayed in one place, spreading from the bottom to the top. She also placed her lucky clovers on the floor.

Tanaka said, “Glass shines brightly because of refraction and reflection when light passes through it, so rather than displaying each piece individually, I composed the exhibit to make it more visually pleasing to viewers as a whole. I hope visitors will enjoy an extraordinary experience.”

The exhibition is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. until February 5.

  • Lamp shade by Chihiro Tanaka

  • Lucky clovers by Chihiro Tanaka