Event to tour six shochu distilleries in Ichikikushikino & Hioki, with dedicated tour buss

PUBLISHED Feb 9, 2023

Shochu Tourism Kagoshima Guide Map

On February 25, “Shochu Tourism Kagoshima 2023,” a special bus tour of six shochu distilleries will be held in the cities of Ichikikushikino and Hioki.

The Kagoshima Sake and Shochu Makers Association and others organized the event. Fumikazu Kobayashi, who moved to Kagoshima from Yamanashi as a Local Vitalization Cooperator in 2016, coordinated the event. Kobayashi said he was drawn to Kagoshima’s shochu and relocated from Yamanashi, which is known as a wine-producing region. He thought the winery tours on the circulating bus in Yamanashi could be adapted to Kagoshima. With the advice of an expert in Yamanashi, he proceeded with the tour project.

On the tour day, dedicated buses will operate from and to two locations, JR Ichiki Station and Ijuin Station. At each shochu distillery, participants will have the opportunity to see the production facilities, talk with the distiller, and enjoy tasting the shochu. Participants will receive a booklet on distilleries and the region, a bus timetable, and a route map in advance to plan their tour.

There are different bus routes available. For example, one bus leaves from Ichiki Station, visits Hamada Shuzo (Yamatozakura Shuzo and Shiraishi Shuzo), Tasaki Shuzo, and Eguchi Horai-kan then transfers at Komasa Jozo to Nishi Shuzo, another one leaves from Ijuin Station, visits Nishi Shuzo and Komasa Jozo, passes by Eguchi Horai-kan, Tasaki Shuzo, and Hamada Shuzo, and returns to Ichiki Station.

Kobayashi, director of the organizing committee, says, “The areas around the distilleries are rich in nature. We hope visitors will fully enjoy tasting and talking with the shochu makers in the environment where imo-shochu is made.”

Tickets are 7,700 yen. In addition to the unlimited-ride bus ticket and a guide map, it includes a complimentary tasting glass and a glass holder made from traditional Japanese fisherman’s flags. Participants must be over 20 years old and register in advance through the dedicated website. The number of participants is limited to 200 people. An online consultation session will be held on February 17.

Tour hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Complimentary tasting glass holder