Wagyumon Shokudo opens in Shineicho, Kagoshima City, directly operated by butcher

PUBLISHED Mar 13, 2023

Exterior view of Wagyumon Shokudo

Wagyumon Shokudo (Phone: 099-257-5205), specializing in set meals, opened in Shineicho, Kagoshima City, on February 22.

Niku no Matsuzakaya, the butcher operating Wagyumon Group, manages the restaurant. Although the company has been running yakiniku restaurants such as Yakiniku no Wagyumon and Yakiniku no Wagyumon Karubi-an in Kagoshima City, opening a Teishoku (set meal) restaurant is their first venture. The glass-walled, well-lit restaurant has approximately 30 seats, including counter seats at long tables with a partition and table seats.

The menu includes Yakiniku Set (980 yen), Wagyu Beef Horumon Set (980 yen), Hamburg Steak Set (780 yen), Karaage Set (780 yen), Chicken Cutlet, Yangnyeom Chicken, Fried Mackerel, and Curry, to name a few. Each set meal comes with a salad and two small side dishes. Refills of rice and pork miso soup are free.

The meat used is the same as that served at the company’s yakiniku restaurants. Manager Noboru Araki says, “We have a variety of menu items typical of the Wagyumon Group, such as set meals with sirloin steak and beef tongue with salt and green onions. We hope you will enjoy the generous portions.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Closed on Mondays. There are four parking spaces available. Takeout boxed lunches are available upon prior notice.

  • Well-lit interior of Wagyumon Shokudo

  • Counter seating of Wagyumon Shokudo

  • Set meal menu at Wagyumon Shokudo